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Public Service Ads

Help spread the word about this worthwhile charity crochet/knitting program with our Public Service Ads. Available in a variety of page sizes and file formats, the ads are easy to download. Simply click on the size and format you require.

Size Kind
one-fourth.eps 2.29 MB Postscript
one-fourth.pdf 385 KB Portable Document Format
one-fourth.jpg 107 KB Jpeg
one-half.eps 2.47 MB Postscript
one-half.pdf 376 KB Portable Document Format
one-half.jpg 154 KB Jpeg
one-sixth.eps 2.19 MB Postscript
one-sixth.pdf 86.8 KB Portable Document Format
one-sixth.jpg 71 KB Jpeg
one-third.eps 2.30 MB Postscript
one-third.pdf 363 KB Portable Document Format
one-third.jpg 111 KB Jpeg